Joanna is a Blackstone LaunchPad at Trinity alumna, who recently completed LaunchBox 2016 where she and two other students worked on their agri-tech startup, HaySaver. HaySaver recently featured in the Sunday Business Post, and Joanna continues to work on progressing this idea. Joanna has a degree from Trinity in Engineering.

The Women in Tech event was hosted at the Web Summit HQ in Dartry. It was clear from the start that many women were interested in both networking with each other and listening to the great list of panelists. I was most delighted to see that there were varying age groups, with varying experiences. This, to me, showed the determination of these women to bring to light the issue of women in tech or the lack there of.

The questions to the panelists were both challenging and engaging. By far the most impressive was Senator Lynn Ruane. Not only has she overcome so much in her personal life, but she came across as so well rounded and down to earth. By listening to her and the other panelists delve into serious questions, it became more apparent that even at the top, there still needs to be more diversity.

However, lets not make this a quota issue, I think that women should always get their achievements and positions on merit and this point was driven home by Anna Scally, an international tax partner with KPMG. She also pointed out that from an early age, we should be allowing young girls access to tech solutions as she mentioned her daughter in primary school was not offered computer classes but her son was. This shocked a lot of the room, but I can't say i'm surprised. It is things like that , that drive home the need to allow younger women, even at school age to become part of the tech movement if they so wish. Overall, it was a fantastic night of networking and great minds.