Our first event in the LaunchPad Space: Dev, Meet Tech shares their experience on a successful event!

This post was originally posted on the Dev, Meet Tech website.

The Dev, meet Tech LaunchPad event was run as a one day event on Friday 19th February 2016. For this event, 17 student change makers came together on a Friday from a diverse range of backgrounds to develop new ways to use technology for good.

We also had 6 mentors to help guide the teams in their developments, and 2 fantastic speakers to help set the scene for the day. After the speaker series, the cohort was split into groups and sent on their way to get developing.

Their results were insanely cool.   

Technology is all around us and holds huge potential to provoke positive changes. Dev, meet Tech was organized due to a trend that we've been seeing in the tech scene: we're not being exposed to the power that technology can have to provoke real positive social change. We realised that technology can be used to do good by anybody. All that's required is an innovative mind and some basic tech skills. From this we spawned the idea of Dev, meet Tech.

60% of the cohort were non-tech students. This provided the teams on the day with lots of different outlooks to problems and how technology can be used to tackle them. We had a selection of business, poltics and art students, as well as tech students, who all brought their own skillsets and views on a wide range of issues in today's world.

For Dev, meet Tech, we tried to move away from traditional hackathon concepts (we even avoid using the word ”hackathon” because of its baggage). We did however still use regular ”hacking food”, like coffee and snacks :) In the morning we held a speaker series made up of three fantastic speakers who all provided the cohort with food for thought to set them up for the rest of the day.

We have now showed for ourselves and the attendees of Dev, meet Tech that our hypothesis holds:

Students can make a real difference using technology

Technology can empower anyone to provoke a positive change in this world. We hope to awaken students to this power and how it can be utilised to benefit today's world.

To read more about the people and what they created check out the original of this post at the Dev, Meet Tech website.

By Eoghan Martin (@eoghan_martin)

Guest blogger: Eoghan Martin is a Masters student in Computer Engineering at Trinity College Dublin and co-founder of Dev, Meet Tech alongside Alan Donoghue.