LaunchBox halfway point: BringItWithU

“As a whole, we have been very pleased at how far we have been able to go with our concept. Business is something most of us can reference through daily interactions, but entrepreneurship is entirely different. We have learned a lot independently from this accelerator program. It has forced and encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone. Team building and personal development are at the heart of this program. We did expect there to be much more mentorship and guidance, especially for those with less knowledge of start-ups, though the independence has proven to be worthwhile. 

This program, does give off a feeling of a summer course, but the tools we are now learning to implement into our business model, outweigh those small unexpected elements because we can take these professional strategies anywhere we go in life! 

We have learned what each team member’s strengths are and together we are able to overcome some of the unknown that is associated with developing a startup concept and bringing it forward into the 'real world'.

One piece of advice we would like to provide to future (student) start-ups is that it is okay if you don't know everything! If a person knew everything that is involved with building a successful startup... we could all retire early! That is why having different sets of skills across the team is vital.

5 words: We definitely have grown here!”

-       Marika Nebesky: BringItWithU