LaunchBox halfway point: CriServ

“The past 5 weeks have been a great experience for the whole team. From the free breakfast every morning to the interesting speakers we have access to on a weekly basis, LaunchBoxer’s have it pretty good!

The program recently gave us the opportunity to visit Calais in France, where a large refugee camp known as “the jungle” houses over 7000 migrants in less than satisfactory conditions. Here we met with migrants in crisis as well as the NGO’s and volunteers who operate on the ground to deliver aid where it is needed. Seeing the logistical background of a large humanitarian operation was fascinating. It is clear to us that there is a gap in the market, with NGO’s lagging behind when it comes to leveraging quantitative data analytics to help manage crises across the globe.

We have hit some speed bumps, but that is to be expected with any new enterprise. Pivoting is an intricate skill of successful entrepreneurs. We are developing our minimum viable product and getting ready to pitch to large NGO’s and social innovation funds in Europe and beyond.

The team has really melded into a cohesive unit with each member taking the lead on specific issues. Hugo is creating data visualizations using statistical programming software. Owen is creating the mobile data collection application. Conor is currently building bridges with NGO’s in Washington DC. Jamie is taking the lead on all things related to income, costs and customers.

Our goal from here on out is to build, pitch, build, pitch and then build and pitch some more. To get clients we need to make contacts and we are moving full steam ahead to achieve this.

LaunchBox is: Creative, Rewarding, Unrestricted, Engaging, Insightful”

-       Owen Monagan: CriServ