LaunchBox halfway point: FallSafe

“The LaunchBox experience has been a positive one, we have made a lot of progress on our StartUp and have learned a lot along the way.  Our experience is slightly different to what we expected, we have been meeting far more people than we thought we would. We have been meeting and calling people relevant to our field including managers in Order of Malta, St Johns Ambulance, Irish Heart Foundation, as well as people from first responder organisations and lots of potential users.

1 piece of advice that we could give so far is that it is very valuable talking with decision makers in your area.  The LaunchBox so far has been a valuable experience that has forced us to get out of our comfort zones we have been encouraged to participate in events and even got into the google offices for a meeting.

To sum up our experience in 5 words, we would say that LaunchBox has been valuable, daunting, exciting, positive, enjoyable.”

-       David Cohalan: FallSafe