LaunchBox halfway point: Good Gaming Leagues

“LaunchBox has been a very positive experience for us. Office space in a central location, as well as being surrounded by other like-minded, ambitious students has been an amazing boost for our productivity. While not every talk is applicable to our business and end goals, the majority of them are very informative.

Our initial goal was to get our minimum viable product developed within the duration of the program. We are currently on track to fulfil that goal. The vast majority of the milestones we have set ourselves in the program have been to complete the features necessary to the basic functionality of the website. Our website allows users to create and participate in competitive gaming tournaments. One of our milestones was to create the system that automatically ran these tournaments. At this stage we have successfully completed this goal. Our place in the accelerator has granted us access to connections and individuals that otherwise would have had to be chased down over a number of lengthy emails, or been completely unreachable.

In terms of advice I would warn that without fail, everything takes longer than expected.

Our experience so far in 5 words: Productive, Insightful, Innovative, Motivational, and Creative.”


-       Seamus Dwyer: Good Gaming Leagues