LaunchBox halfway point: MatchDay

“Hey, my name is Dylan and I work for MatchDay. We aim to produce real time games that people can play while watching live sports. We are completely free to play and provide prizes for the winner by connecting brands with our users. In return, we provide brands with data on their customer. We hope to add a competitive and social edge to watching sport.

We are only half way through LaunchBox and we have already learned so much. Our company has pivoted multiple times. So far we have created a prototype of our product and are set to launch our first MVP this week. The speakers that have come into our space have all been fantastic and very receptive to questions and approaches for help.

The most successful strategy for us has definitely been getting out of the office and meeting with agencies and brands around Dublin. By doing this and picking their brains we have been able to learn what exactly brands want, what their pains are, and how we should adjust our product to best fit these needs.

My single piece of advice would be to get mockups and a wire frame prototype of your product straight away; using a service such as Invision. It is so beneficial to actually have something to show people when you meet them - they won’t care that it doesn't actually work. They just care what it’s going to look like. Sell them the idea and the product will come.

Experience in 5 words - Build, test, fail, learn, repeat”

-       Dylan Scully: MatchDay