LaunchBox halfway point: Neurobranch

“So far LaunchBox has been a crazy adventure. When we first began we had a primitive concept that we believed had potential to be something bigger. We designated our team into different aspects of business and design and set off to create our vision. Within the program we have really enjoyed hearing different speakers share their experiences with us to the point that we try to glean as much as we can from them to follow in their footsteps.

As the weeks went on we began with very rudimentary template emails that we would send to every potential industry contact we could find. What we never expected, was to be at this point in the program with a web of important people, heads of their respective fields meeting up with us, mentoring us and providing input into our design. As it currently stands we have contacts in RCSI , St James’s , Tallaght hospital and the Moyne institute of preventative medicine. Furthermore we have a market and digital pricing analyst helping us out as well as the head of the company whose software we are using for our app development.

Now at the midpoint our product has not only undergone a complete revision in design and evolved into a much more targeted product based on the market needs, but we have just completed what we are ready to call our beta.

If there is anything I would advise future entrepreneurs based on the experiences and lessons we’ve learned to date, it's that contacts mean everything. Don't just email the people you want to talk to, call them, have the people you know put you in contact with more people. Attend talks and conferences. And don't be afraid to ask your potential contacts if you can meet them for a quick coffee. A personal touch is incredibly important.”

-       Alexandru Sulea: Neurobranch