LaunchBox halfway point: Nu.

“It’s been a great few weeks for Nu. Launchbox has put us into contact with an incredibly diverse range of people with different talents and ideas. It’s a really creative place to work and there’s a great camaraderie between the different teams. Nu. Has spent the last few weeks planning our next events, improving our online content through photo shoots, introducing a new revenue model for our swap-shops. Most importantly we are taking steps towards building our online wardrobe and have created an online pilot group to swap clothes as our proof of concept. We’ve also been talking to a lot of developers and are making progress on the tech side of things.

We’re really looking forward to our next event (Sat 23rd July) and our presence at Beatyard festival (30-31 July) which involves a panel discussion, installation and up-cycling tutorials. Launchbox has continually pushed us to aim higher and has been instrumental in allowing us to find our feet and develop a clear vision of our next step forward. Though it can be terrifying at times, we’ve had to put ourselves out there much more – and more often than not we have been getting a really positive response!

Experience in 5 words: Put yourself out there!”

-       Alison Kelly: Nu.