LaunchBox halfway point: SmallFarms

“LaunchBox has been very helpful for identifying obstacles we will likely encounter during the development of Small Farms. I didn’t really know what to expect from LaunchBox when I started. I had never been in the start-up culture before so this was my first time experiencing it.

Small Farms has had to pivot from our initial aims of setting up a commercial farm, but it seems to be for the better with the way EU legislation deals with insects as food. We have gotten in contact with many people around the world that are involved in insect based foods as well as academic in the field of entomology. We have also started farming our own crickets as a way to learn the farming process and how to tune it to suit our product.

In 5 words, my experience at LaunchBox has been fun, informative, disappointing (from the roadblocks we've encountered), educational, and social.”

-       Johnathon Harris: Small Farms