First Week at DoSpace


LaunchBox taught us so much so quickly and it was fantastic being around companies all at the same stage as us. We all helped each other when we could and it was fantastic to be able to bounce ideas off like minded individuals. Our first week in DoSpace provided different and exciting new challenges. All the other companies are at a later stage than us, so it’s fantastic to learn from them about the challenges we are going to face next - from raising money to scaling successfully.

We’ve also had to mature a lot as a company. No longer having a fixed source of income, we’ve had to make sure our operations and sales strategies are as efficient as possible so that we can start generating revenue and turning this from just an idea and a game into a business. We’ve had to swiftly learn a lot about processes we’ve had very little experience with in the past such as incorporation, company structure, shareholders agreements and tax.

There’s a great atmosphere in general in the DoSpace and the people are friendly - it’s been easy for us to fit in. The facilities here are fantastic and the location is ideal. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for us, from finishing up LaunchBox to moving into our new space. We’ve constantly been meeting new people, trying to develop and improve our game, as well as develop it into a business, but it’s been exciting, fulfilling and rewarding throughout.

We’re confident as a team that we now have the perfect platform upon which to build on, and we’re determined and driven to make MatchDay the success it has the potential to be