Blackstone LaunchPad - April Newsletter!

Welcome to The April Edition of our monthly newsletter! With Easter behind us, the Trinity Ball a distant ringing in our ears, it can mean only one thing... it's the final stretch into exam time! But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a free coffee down in our space, to take the edge of those study-filled hours in the library. So join us for a coffee and until then, check out some of our upcoming events, announcements and updates below! 


  • Announcing our Second Edition of the LaunchPad Sprints
  • Featured LaunchPad Founder & Startup: Walker S. Mahn Jr. and LEAP
  • Startup Updates from across the Ecosystem
  • The New Blackstone Charitable Foundation Entrepreneurship Video
  • Events Recap: Legal and Software Workshops
  • NASA Space Apps 2017 - April 29th / 30th
  • HackJam! Functional Reactive Programming Event - April 24th
  • Upcoming Events / Applications / Opportunities

Announcing our Second Edition of the Blackstone LaunchPad Sprints!

The LaunchPad Sprints are back again this year for a second edition and for our very first Summer edition!

The sprints programme is a great opportunity to get an introduction into the world of entrepreneurship by exploring your own idea and testing it with industry mentors. This time we will be accepting individuals interested in entrepreneurship as well as teams.

To register your interest, please first sign up to LaunchPad and send an email to for more details. In the meantime, keep an eye on our website and check out some of the photos from last year!

Taking the LEAP with the LaunchPad Sprints - Walker S. Mahn Jr

A big congratulations to student Walker S. Mahn Jr. on his very successful journey since his participation in the last LaunchPad Sprints programme. 

Walker is the Programme Director and Founder of LEAP Tutoring, a charitable education initiative borne out of Blackstone LaunchPad's Sprints programme at Trinity College Dublin. Walker has spent the past seven months getting the project off the ground, in both Ireland and Liberia. You can read more about Walker's amazing journey here!

Startup Updates from across the Ecosystem

Just a few quick fire rounds from our startups and entrepreneurs across our ecosystem, a shout out to MatchDay on their continuing progress and on their beta live versions of their app. MatchDay are off to Philadelphia for a university pitch next month, we wish them the very best of luck!

Another shout out goes to our past LaunchBox and LaunchPad team AquaChia who have launched their Chia cereal products line in seven stores this week. And a congrats to our current LaunchBox 2017 team Wynk, on their official launch of their new dating up in Bank of Ireland's WorkBench last month.

Lastly, a big congrats to student Eire Smith for being nominated for the student achievements awards Ireland by the Union of Students in Ireland.

Featuring the New Blackstone Charitable Foundation Entrepreneurship Video!

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation has just a released a new entrepreneur video, as well as a corresponding blog highlighting the Foundation’s impact, featuring entrepreneurs from Blackstone LaunchPad and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network. You can watch the new video
here: please keep an eye on the Blackstone website for entrepreneurial developments from across our network, including UCC and NUI Galway in Ireland and our 20 connected universities in the US! 

Events Recap: Legal & Software Workshops

Earlier in April, we were treated to two fantastic talks and workshops, from very different ends of the startup spectrum: legal and software! Mattan Lass of Philip Lee Solicitors was in for a lunch time session, and talked turkey on all things legal facing startups. Meanwhile, Yevgeny Brikman gave a very engaging talk and workshop last week to Trinity's entrepreneurial students and startup teams who are facing software challenges as they grow and scale. Both Yevgeny and Mattan are regulars of DogPatch Labs and regulars in the startup in Dublin, so keep in touch with them on Twitter and keep an eye out for them at future tech events!

NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017

Gravity is gone and Space is coming to LaunchPad, yes that's right, we are hosting NASA and its space apps challenge in conjunction with the Innovation Academy at the end of this month!

Every year NASA release a set of challenges and datasets related to real Space missions and host a global competition to find new innovative ideas to solve these problems. Solutions to the challenges leverage new methods and technologies including open-source software, 3D printing, drones, VR, AR, and machine learning. This event is designed for engineers, designers, data scientists, makers, storytellers, and ..... you!

Last year more than 15,000 participants took part from over 160 cities across the Globe, over the same weekend. Several local teams from Ireland went forward to compete in the final Global round:

The theme of this year's challenges set by NASA will be 'Earth'. For more details read here.

HackJam! Functional Reactive Programming (Build your own version of RXJS) - Monday April 24th

For all you techies out there we are hosting our friends from Belgium and France again 'HackJam' for another functional programming hack evening next week.

All levels are welcome! From beginner to expert, you're welcome to join this fantastic & fun learning opportunity. As a beginner, you'll learn what are observable, observer and how to consume data from a reactive system. For those with more experience using FRP, you'll be able to go deeper on a few topics such as High Order Observable, Subject, Shared Behaviours and you will learn how to implement your own version of this library. This HackJam is built around a series of tests (TDD) that will help you rebuild your own version of RXJS.

Read here for more details and you can register on Meetup!

Upcoming Events / Applications / Opportunities
As always keep an eye on some of our coming events. Read on for more: 

Lastly, there are currently some excellent opportunities and resources available for any innovative teams with an idea and we thought it might be helpful to list these here and share a little about them. For more information check out our blog post: