Before You Book The Space:

  • Please make sure you first register and sign up to the LaunchPad mailing list here
  • Please read what the space should be used for at the footer of this page.
  • And finally check out our calendar and events page to see whether the Space is free.

The Space

The Blackstone LaunchPad space is located in the foyer of the Berkeley Library. It is an event and collaboration space that aims to give student entrepreneurs, founders, start-up companies, and the entrepreneurs of the future a space to work on and progress their ideas. 

Since we launched in February 2016, the LaunchPad space has been host to a variety of different events and talks, including ‘Dev, Meet Tech’; #BYOLunchPad LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs; Skype calls between the UN World Food Program and some student-led social enterprises; pitch workshops for LaunchBox potential teams; Founder Fireside Talks with Ushuru; and many more. 


The Space should be used for:

- Student company and start-up meetings, including planning or creative sessions, informal team meetings, and anything else required by our student companies and start-ups

- The progression of social enterprises, like ‘Dev, Meet Tech’, and other not-for-profit ventures

- Events with external or internal speakers relating to entrepreneurship and innovation

- Initial sessions (however informal) with and for students who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs or involved with student start-ups

- Pitch workshops and feedback sessions for potential LaunchBox teams, and other student start-ups seeking funding 

- Student society events and student-run events, when the theme of the event is related in some way to entrepreneurship and innovation

- Individual founders and students working on their companies and ideas

- Student artists who wish to exhibit their work for sale, or use the space as a workshop 

- Other events and activities relating to entrepreneurship, start-ups and innovation

- The space can be made available for other uses subject to availability


If you have any questions please reach out to us at or alternatively, you can arrange a meeting with one of our mentors by registering on: