Blackstone LaunchPad Sprints

The LaunchPad Sprints programme consists of four entrepreneurship sessions run over a number of weeks during and outside of term. The purpose of the programme is to introduce entrepreneurship and startup practices to individuals and teams who are interested in entrepreneurship, social enterprise and other startup initiatives.

Our inaugural Sprint began in November 2016 and comprised eight teams. Our next Sprint will take place in July 2017.


LaunchPad Sprints 2017 - Social Entrepreneurship Edition 

Our next LaunchPad Sprints will be run in July, 2017 and will be open to individuals. The LaunchPad Sprints will take place over two weeks (four daytime sessions) from July 4th to July 14th. 

To register, please book your place on Eventbrite and sign up to our TCD page on Ideator (our ideation and communication platform) which will be used during the Sprints programme.

The Sprints programme is open to individual participants from Trinity College Dublin. Prizes include: first place €200 per team member and for second place €100 per team member. For more details please see our terms and conditions below. Questions? Send us on email at: launchpad[at]tcd[dot]ie.



About the launchpad sprints

The LaunchPad Sprints programme was set up to give budding student entrepreneurs a crash course in real life entrepreneurship and idea initiation. The programme is open to Trinity students both on the undergraduate and postgraduate level. For more details and for a specific breakdown of the timetable please see below. 


application process

The application deadline for 2017 is Tuesday June 27th. Individuals will be notified in regard to their application the following week. To register for your place on the 2017 Sprints programme please make sure you've first signed up to LaunchPad on Ideator (which will be used during the Sprints programme) and register your place here on EventBrite.




  • Individuals must be available to the best of their abilities for the duration of the programme (Four daytime sessions between July 4th and July 14th). The sessions are held during lunch hours (10am - 3pm) to best accommodate students' timetables. We require you and your team members to attend at least 75% of the sessions collectively.


  • Prizes: prizes include for first place €200 per team member and for second place €100 per team member. Based on your team's final presentation. Judges decision is final.


  • Lunches will be provided for the four sessions.


  • Neither Trinity, LaunchPad nor Blackstone will have any rights to an equity stake or any other benefit in the ventures that result from participation on the programme.


  • While it is advisable that each team has some form of agreement amongst the members of the team regarding distribution of any future benefits, such an agreement is the sole responsibility of the participants.


  • These terms and conditions are indicative only and subject to change.



  • You may participate with a previously worked idea (social enterprise related). However, please note during the first session your idea may not be chosen by the group.


  • Applying companies should comprise of a majority of current students (undergrad or postgrad) of Trinity, or have graduated from Trinity within the last 12 months, and must be open to taking on other members during the first session of the programme. All applicants should be available for the period of the programme.


  • If applying with a previously worked idea, the programme is open to teams of one or more members. The recommended team size is 2-3 people with a mix of disciplines. It is not a requirement that the applicant is an incorporated entity although applications from Limited Companies are welcome.


  • If applying with a previously worked idea, the programme is open to teams of one or more members. The recommended team size is 2-3 people with a mix of disciplines.



  • All IP created by the participants during the programme will be owned by the creators.

  • Any IP disclosed as part of the programme will be regarded as public and should not be regarded as confidential.

  • Any previously created IP (not created by the participants) that will be introduced before or during the project must be notified to the organisers at the application stage. This may be IP that was created:

    • as part of a Trinity project or under a funding scheme of any kind within Trinity
    • by any third party entity other than the participants