Here's just a small sample of the student teams that have come through the Blackstone LaunchPad program since our opening in February 2016.

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BetterExaminations is the quickest and easiest way for students and teachers to access past exam material. enables users to use different time saving features to access papers in a matter of seconds. With BetterExaminations, we aim to greatly reduce the time wasted in the studying process. BetterExaminations University is our next step. We plan to offer our software to Universities and ITs around the US and Europe to allow them to create a manageable, centralised exam papers system, therefore, allowing for an organised tracking of exams and efficient and enjoyable studying experience. BetterExaminations is targeting the new tech savvy education industry by providing a tool to enable the best user experience possible.



small farms

With the world’s population expected to reach up to 9.8 billion people by 2050, there is a great need to find alternative protein sources. Traditional livestock, particularly cattle, are damaging to the environment, producing 1/5th of the world’s greenhouse gasses. Crickets provide us with an alternative source of protein that is more sustainable than current common sources such as beef and soy. They require far fewer resources than cattle, including feed, water, and space. Crickets are highly nutritious with large amounts of protein, fewer fats, and contain several minerals, in particular iron, calcium and magnesium. Small Farms breeds these crickets and grinds them into a powder, which is highly versatile and can be incorporated into everyday foods such as snack bars and baked goods. 




Hamal are developing biodegradable backpacks. Started by two engineering students in first year, one of whom is intimately familiar with the supermarket sector and another who one day didn’t have a bag when he kind of needed one. Hamal has no grand mission other than to make life easier and better in general and to do their bit to save the planet. Whether you’re going for a hike, carrying shopping or tearing it up in the mud at a music festival; Hamal goes with you.